data driven book design

Python for Data Science Textbook

The Unicode Standard is the protocol that drives most of the digital text we interact with every day. For the visual form of this book cover, I wanted to represent the underlying and central role of the text character in the era of big data. This led me to imagine the book cover as a data visualization, rather than simple cover art.

Each blue pixel is a direct representation of a character defined in the Unicode Character Database — this is done by mapping the hex value of each character to a pixel intensity using a software that I wrote. Such an approach encodes the unicode characters as an underlying support for the book cover art, just as those same characters serve as an underlying mechanism of support for the digital world we live in today.

I chose this design approach to not need to impose any external graphics to create a beautiful book cover, but rather to visualize the contents of the characters in The Unicode Standard, and this find beauty in the Unicode Standard itself.

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