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A return to authentic minimalism. Refreshingly clean. Simple.

The Azara Collection is the result of an approach to lifestyle design which unifies the essential and the luxurious into one experience: modesty with an air of elegance. Every piece is constructed from solid unstained wood, preserved with a clear coat of sheen to highlight its natural color. Red oak and Mahogany planks are refined and finished by hand — constructed into a form which is functional-first, delivering the optimal experience. Aesthetic beauty is the result of an object that is intelligently designed to execute its purpose. Azara finds its purpose in decluttering your mind and delivering an elevated work experience, allowing you to live, focus, and breathe.

Azara Desk. Handmade from Red Oak & Mahogany wood, featuring a riser for additional organization and an elevated surface.

Multifunction wood desk dj producer setup

Azara Desk Compact: multi-use slide out storage.

Customized maker laser cut coasters

Laser cut hand-finished coasters: intricate yet classic.

3D Modeled furniture lamp

Natural veneer and laser cut pillars mingle for a stylish lamp.

Real solid wood furniture

100% solid wood with a protective coat for longterm strength.

Designed and made by hand in California.
Commissions & in-person viewings may be scheduled by request.

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